All Tuf-Top Dealers and Consumers August 24, 2009
Revised January 2, 2016

Ref: Tire Marks

Dear Consumer,

Please be aware that most all brands of Tires may leave brown/black stains on on most painted, stained or synthetic surfaces. The tires contain an ingredient call Plasticizer, which makes the rubber more pliable and soft. The plasticizer migrates from the tire and penetrates and softens the synthetic binders used in paints and coatings, causing softening and staining.

Recent Environmental rulings by the EPA have banned the plasticizers (Pthalates) that had been in use in most rubber formulations for many years, due to the negative impact they have on the Environment. Tire companies are now using and researching into environmentally acceptable ingredients, but their composition is listed as a trade secret.

We have seen permanent staining on Acrylic, Oil, Epoxy and Urethane coating systems, as well as on Linoleum, and even some Ceramic Tiles, and is not caused by any defect in the substrate, coating or application.
This problem is known throughout the industry, and most all major manufacturers have warnings to the effect.

We suggest when parking on painted surfaces, a small piece of Plexiglass, Lexan or jute backed carpet squares should be used as a barrier between the floor coating and the tire to minimize the staining. Do not use rubber or rubber backed mats. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 1-800-459-3382.

Thank You,


Steven J Cook

Chemist-Technical Director

Tuf-Top Coatings/Marine Industrial Paint Co.